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2.1 Support Policy

2.1 Support Policy

In order to receive a technical support assistance, you need to have a valid purchase code. To get the code, please navigate to your ThemeForest “Downloads" page and click on the theme download link. Check this guide for more details.


As authors of this theme we do provide support only for the theme-related features.

We do not provide support for additional customization, 3rd party plug-ins integration or any other compatibility issues that might arise. Nevertheless, there is an exception that is only applied to the plug-in(s) we have developed and integrated ourselves.

If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, feel free to post them on our support message board (forum) at https://support.webdgallery.com. We will always respond to tickets as soon as we can. Our office working hours are 9:00am – 9:00pm (GMT/UTC +6) Monday – Saturday

Please be aware that a lot of the questions that are posted in the forum have been posted many times before, and get the same answers each time. Before submitting a new ticket, please try searching the forum for an answer, as well as checking our Video Tutorials and Articles. Please make sure you have looked at all the available resources before submitting a support request.


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