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5.3.1 Backend Editor

5.3.1 Backend Editor

If you choose Edit with KingComposer then it’s for backend editor. And it will present you with options for making your page. You can see in the top left corner there is a back button for Classic Mode if any change you want to go back to classic mode. And alongside the live edit button, you will find different options for saving your template if you want to use it in later in another page. 

In the bottom of the page, you will see Elements button to add elements and along with the elements button, you will see column to add a column for different grid type design.

And also, on the right side, there are two buttons. One is used to get save template which you save previously. And the red button issued for getting the template from online.

In element, you will see a log of premade elements which you can use to make a theme. Also, we are giving you a premium license to use this page builder so you can also install different add one to add different elements.

You will find that in the extensions button in the right side of the element popup.


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